Best Podcast Recording Software

There is an incredible diversity of podcast platforms. Some have all kinds of content for a varied audience, others are specific for certain languages, others specialize in a particular subject… The truth is that there are platforms for listening to podcasts for all tastes and that make up a diverse, exciting world and a trend that continues to grow.

Podcast platforms are currently a true revolution. Modern technology allows today’s users to search for the content they are interested in when they want it. Although they may be consumers of traditional media such as movies, television or radio, people are now looking for what they are passionate about and are not satisfied with just what they are offered. In this sense, platforms for listening to podcasts are an extraordinary alternative that makes available the most varied topics, whatever the particular interest. In this article, we will present the 20 best ones and their most outstanding features.


iTunes is an Apple platform for hosting all kinds of content, such as music, movies and video clips, among others. Podcasts in iTunes were included in 2005 and today the repertoire is huge, as it includes a wide variety of content. Apple Podcast is an app to listen to podcasts on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV or Mac.

Searches are very easy to perform, since its content is organized by topic: art, culture, sports, education, fiction, science, etc. It covers 155 countries, has more than 500 thousand active podcasts, free and in at least 100 languages.

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Podcasters can also post their audios for free. Apple Podcasts does not host the audios. To upload podcasts to iTunes they must first be hosted on platforms that offer these services (hosting), such as: Libsyn, Ivoox, Soundcloud and Spreaker. This way you get the link (RSS feed) that is then distributed by Apple Podcasts and other similar platforms.

How to use Apple Podcasts
It is one of the best podcast platforms and it is also very easy to use. It has an intuitive playback. When listening to an episode, you access controls to play, fast forward, pause, rewind, adjust the playback speed, and so on. It is also possible to subscribe to favorite shows to stay informed about new episodes. You can also search for podcats by keyword or phrase and delete or download episodes, rate, review and synchronize your personal library across all of your devices.


On this platform you can find lectures, live radio, stories, the best audiobooks on Ivoox, etc. It is also one of the best free podcast platforms. It is very famous in Spain as it is a pioneer in this type of format in Spanish. Ivoox reviews and Ivoox ranking reveal that it is the top podcast in Spain and the great acceptance that the platform has throughout the country.

To create podcasts on Ivoox, the page has a hosting service. On this page you can find the best podcasts in Spain. Another advantage is the analytics, an excellent tool to measure user behavior and traffic.

How to use iVoox
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The platform has a subscription section, search, download and much more. It can be accessed from Android , iOS devices or from the web. Searches are quick, easy and you can find the best RSS feeds from Spain.

Content creators (podcasters) have the limitation in the free plan that only accepts MP3 format, can not exceed 300 MB and maximum two hours long. Another important point is that Ivoox free includes ads at the beginning of the podcast.

In the paid version, podcasts of more than two hours are allowed, advertising is eliminated and publication dates and times can be programmed. In addition, in its various sections you can find the best Ivoox podcasts.

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Its interface is very user-friendly. When you enter the page of any program you can see all its episodes, from the most recent to the oldest.

It also has its own search engine and access to playback speed settings, fast forward, rewind, follow the program, etc. Based on the user’s program choices, the platform will send personalized recommendations. It is one of the most popular podcast platforms out there.

Google Podcasts

Podcast platforms – Google Podcast
Podcast platforms – Google Podcast
Google also created its podcast platform. It has a very simple interface, as is always their style, and it works for Android and iOS. To upload podcasts to Google Podcast it is necessary to do it through the RSS feed, since the platform does not have a hosting service. It is one of the best podcast platforms out there.

How to use Google Podcasts
The page provides subscription options to favorite content and allows you to control the playback speed. You will receive recommendations from the site depending on the user’s subscriptions and visits. It also offers the possibility to download free podcasts.

For podcasters, Google has a very interesting application with information on users, including the devices from which they connect. This is one of the few platforms for free podcasts that does not include advertising at the time of playback.


This is a very peculiar platform, as it is an Amazon service originally created for audiobooks, with more than 90 thousand copies in the catalog. Now it also has a collection of podcasts in Spanish and English. It has a Premium plan that gives access to exclusive content not found in other podcast platforms. It has three main categories: entertainment, personal growth and current affairs analysis.

How to use Audible
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The Audible account can be linked to many devices, but each account has a single user. Where to listen to podcasts on this platform? Audible works on Android, iOS, Sonos, Alexa-compatible products, and so on.

This platform has very useful functionalities and is easy to use. It allows downloading in different qualities. It has searches that can be filtered by genre, type of content and according to language: Spanish, English, Catalan, German, Basque, Galician, Italian, French and Portuguese.

It saves user entries, so when you switch devices you can continue listening to the podcast from where you left off. It also has an hour and minute counter, to indicate to the user how long he/she has been connected. The player allows you to fast forward, rewind, use “car mode”, use markers to highlight an audio fragment, select the playback speed, etc.


It is a music platform with 73 million songs. In 2020 it decides to enter the world of podcasting. This popular streaming now has more than 160 thousand podcasts between specialized topics, local productions and international hits. It has 14 million users in 182 markets, who access the platform through the computer and Android and iOS devices.

Deezer has paid plans but can also be used for free. The difference is noticeable for listening to music but not for podcasts. Deezer does not host the podcasts, it plays them through the RSS feed.

How to use Deezer
This app includes advertising on the podcasts in its free version. Its interface is very user-friendly. Preferred podcasts can be added to favorites by pressing the heart icon and are organized in different ways: by age, duration and unplayed.

You can resume unfinished episodes and (depending on the country) receive notifications about new publications. In its paid version, 2,000 episodes can be downloaded.

The platform also offers some recommendations from editors, with international and local content that can be filtered by topic and genre to facilitate the search. Some of its channels are: business, comedy, deezer originals, education, soccer, games, children, etc. Podcasters can upload their podcasts for free and there is no size limit.

Spreaker App

This platform has been in operation since 2010 and has unique software and features for podcasters. Its offer to consumers is extensive and varied, as it has a very large community of content creators.

How to use Spreaker App
One of the things that makes it stand out is Live Podcasting. With this option, listeners interact through chat and other integration alternatives. It also has a desktop application (for Windows and Mac) and one for mobiles (iPhone and Android) to broadcast live, record, view statistics, etc. It has a paid version that offers other options.

Spreaker App has a tool that helps and facilitates the creation of podcasts. It allows you to create them and distribute them to podcast platforms where you can also listen to them, such as: Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, etc.

For consumers, its player has two versions; for web page and for mobiles. Its interface is simple and allows you to download podcasts, bookmark them and receive new suggestions.

Pocket Casts App

This is one of the most popular and widely used podcast platforms. Its design is very attractive and modern. In its origins it was a paid application, but then decided to launch its free version that also offers multiple tools.

How to use Pocket Casts App
No subscription to the site is required, but if you want to synchronize your devices, you need to create an account. It features compatibility and synchronization with Airplay, Chromecast and Android Wear.

Pocket Casts is one of the best podcast platforms for iOS and Android. It has powerful search filters, playlists can be made, episodes can be downloaded and recommendations can be received based on consumer preferences. The created lists can be sent to anyone.

You can create your own search filters in addition to those provided by the platform and add your own audio files or those sent by a friend. The site is intuitive, flexible and offers a very attractive interface to users.


CastBox Podcast was founded in 2016. It is a cross-platform for listening to podcast on iOS, Android, PC, auto PWAs, smart speakers and smartwatches. Its library has over 95 million podcasts worldwide, plus 20 million affiliates. Like Player FM Podcast, it features advanced artificial intelligence.

How to use CastBox
It allows free downloads and the creation of favorite lists. The content is distributed in 16 categories and can be listened to in 70 languages. How to listen to podcasts? Searches are easy and allow you to find podcasters, episodes and favorite channels quickly.

It also has a free tool to create content that, later through a request, can be added to the page. It also has unlimited storage and no upload restrictions. Casbox has many compatible channels with which you can easily share your podcasts with the world.


This app was born for artists who wanted to share their music with the world. Today it has podcasts of all kinds and for all tastes. There are audios that are not found on other podcast platforms and its content is mostly in English. This popular and well-known platform is free, it is also known as “the Spotify Hipster”. This platform, like others such as live365 Spanish, offers innovations and possibilities that surprise the user every day.

How to use SoundCloud
SoundCloud has two languages available: English and Portuguese. It allows users to make comments to keep creators in direct contact with their audience. Searches are easy to do and podcasts can be listened to from mobile devices.

Its podcasting features are limited, as it only has 3 hours. To get unlimited storage you must access the paid version. The same happens if you want to have full metrics, audio replacement and publication scheduling.


Breaker is similar to other applications for listening to podcasts, but it has the peculiarity of being a social app, since you can follow your friends, see which episodes they listen to, share them on Facebook, Twitter or directly on Breaker, chat with friends and leave comments on your favorite episodes.

How to use Breaker
With Breaker you get personalized recommendations and can create playlists. It also has speed controls, allows you to easily search, download podcasts and create a log of favorites. The site is free and you need to register on the platform to access the benefits of the social app.


This platform is exclusive for apple devices. It can be used with iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Its free version uses visual ads advertising with the feature that they are not ads about companies, they are about other podcasts.

How to use OverCast
OverCast has interesting features, such as playback speed control (Smart Speed) that allows you to increase it and shorten silences. There is also the Voice Boos that allows you to adjust the volume and eliminate background noises. As with other podcast platforms, it is possible to search and manage favorite content via the favorites list. For content creators, podcasts can be aggregated with public RSS feeds by downloading episodes directly from the servers.

Podium Podcast

Podium Podcast was born in 2016 with the support of Grupo Prisa and Prisa Radio which has presence in 13 countries. It is an excellent free platform, especially to search for content in Spanish, as it has an extensive catalog with all kinds of podcasts, from entertainment to information. Podium Podcast makes its own content in conjunction with the Prisa Radio station in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Spain and Argentina.

How to use PodiumPodcast
It is possible to access the page from the web and from the Android and iOS app. It has a simple navigation. Its content catalog is grouped into categories: fiction, history, entertainment and culture, documentaries, children, education, technology, humor and lifestyle.

Its search method is very easy and allows downloading episodes. At the top there is a carrousel that shows the most recent episodes published, to inform you of any news at the moment.


It was founded in 2008 as a platform for podcasting and, to a lesser extent, live radio. It has a large catalog of English-language content with hundreds of thousands of podcasts. It is a very important platform in the United States, although it does not offer much for the Hispanic audience. The publications of content creators are made through the rss feed.

How to use Stitcher
In Stitcher you can download, listen and find podcasts through the web, Android, iOS and various integrations for vehicles (compatible with more than 50 models). Its Stitcher Premium paid plan offers an ad-free service. Playlists can be made.

To synchronize the user’s different devices, it is necessary to subscribe to the platform. This site produces a series of exclusive podcasts that are called Stitcher Originals and deal with a variety of genres: comedy, self-help, news, etc.


It is a music player that stands out for having desktop versions for Windows and GNU/Linux, because there is also an audience that listens to podcasts from the desktop of your computer. Clementine can be linked to Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. In addition, its podcast section has interesting options.

How to use Clementine
It is basically an audio player that supports reading feeds, searching its database or including the FEED by hand. It has a very fast and easy to use interface, both for searching and playing. It allows the downloading of podcasts and the creation of customized playlists.


This site is made up of open source software, with versions for MacOS, GNU/Linux and Windows.

How to use Juice
Juice is actually a tool to organize podcasts and later listen to them in another player, as it is compatible with many of them. It is free, supports more than 15 different languages and has a directory that is integrated with thousands of podcast feeds.


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