Influencer Marketing Statistics 2021

Influencer marketing has reached its peak during the last years and it seems to be rising now. It was a trend even before TikTok, but the popularity of this social media has even sped up the process. Today, we see the rise of marketing influencers groups like gaming influencers or kidfluencers while some of them might appear today.

So, let’s take a look at what influencer marketing is and check out the recent statistic related to this market.

What is influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a marketing direction when a well-known person (influencer) endorses a service or product via their social channel. Such an influencer might not be widely popular but this person needs to have their active audience that trust the advice from this expert.

Brands choose such partnerships as the main or additional way to promote their products. The main key is for both sides, brands and influencers, to check that that an influencer is aligned with the brand and product which would make such partnership successful.

Types of influencer marketing

Influencers can generally fall into two categories: 

  1. Reach influencers. Such influencers are able to reach more people but are less relevant to the brand.
  2. Niche influencers. Those are influencers who are highly relevant to the business and brand (yet, which a smaller audience).

Today, we can see the trend of boring micro- and nanoinfluencers like computer-generated influencers, kidfluencers, or gaming influencers. People tend to believe more when they see the product or service endorsement by a narrow-industry expert or a person that seems to have a very similar social appearance and lifestyle as the viewer.

What affect the results of influencer marketing

  • Whether influencer‘s target audience is aligned with a brand
  • Whether influencers are aligned with a brand
  • Whether a brand and an influencer have clear terms and timelines
  • How promotional an influencer marketing campaign is, whether an influencer would use the product in normal life.

Influencer Marketing Stats

  • According to GlobalWebIndex survey, more than 90% of US and UK consumers who followed influencers were engaging with them more or to the same extent as before the coronavirus outbreak (May 2020).
  • In the survey by Linqia (May 2020), 41% of US marketers said their spending on influencer marketing for Q2 had decreased.
  • 65% of marketers have reported they have incresed their spending on this type of campaign in 2020.
  • Around 20% of marketers have said they have an influencer budget of about $1,000 – $10,000 peryear.
  • Nearly 90% of marketers say that ROI from influencer marketing is comparable to or better than other marketing channels.
  • 17% of companies spend over half their marketing budget on influencers.
  • Consumers from the US and UK who followed influencers were most interested in were the most involved in such topics as daily routine of an influencer during the lockdown.
  • During 2020-2021 influencer marketing’s trend toward less-scripted content and popularity of “everyday influencers.”
  • During 2020 and up untill now, brands are likely to increasingly prioritize longer-term partnerships with fewer
  • influencers but who are more authentic.
  • Industries like finance, who haven’t actively used influencer markering, start doing it in 2020.

Influencer Marketing Channels Stats

  • Instagram is the most popular influencer marketing channel.
  • Youtube is the second most used channel.
  • The third one is TikTok
  • 2019-2020 was the time of the rise of TikTok’s popularity which has a trend of less informative, less communicative type of content.
  • Almost 70% of marketers spent 90% of influencer marketing budject on Instagram in 2020.
  • Almost 80% of marketers believe Instagram posts to be the most effective content format for influencer marketing (however, Instagram stories are almost as effective as posts).

So, influencer marketing has become a powerful tool for promoting companies and this is especially useful for reaching awareness about their brand. We forecast that influencer marketing will continue to grow in its popularity and more traditional industries will also be investing in this marketing channel.


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