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What is Kajabi, how does it work and what is it for? I am a Kajabi user. I say it openly and that generates many questions around me like: what is Kajabi, what is good about it, what is bad about it, how much does it cost, but the most frequent question is: is it worth paying $199 per month for this platform?

In this article, I am going to answer these questions with simple and understandable language so you can make the best decision for your online course business.

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is a cloud platform for creating and selling online courses without having to do anything outside of the platform. It is what is known as “all-in-one” or all-in-one. You could use Kajabi linked to a local billing system and use nothing else to manage all your courses, promotions, webinars, online school, digital payments, content hosting, testing your students, etc.

What Kajabi is used for?

You can cover the complete lifecycle to promote and sell your online courses:

  • Creation of forms to capture subscribers.
  • Creation of sales pages or landings with templates.
  • Email marketing: newsletters, automations, tags, segments, etc.
  • Creation of products with different prices, promotions and discounts.
  • Hosting the content of your courses in video text and/or downloadable.
  • Manage your online school: access, recurring payments, bonuses, etc.
  • Register, send links and pay your affiliates.
  • Payment gateway / shopping cart.
  • Knowledge tests like exams.
  • Link with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics.
  • If you want, you can even host your website with Kajabi and have your blog on the same system.

But can’t you do this with WordPress for free?

Kajabi covers everything you do with your “Frankenstein” . A frankenstein is a combination of unconnected bits and pieces that you have stitched together from YouTube tutorials and bring to life by investing hours that you don’t have.

The most common frankenstein is: Mailchimp or Active Campaigning + Woocommerce + WordPress + ThriveLeads + LearnDash + ElementorPro + RestrictContentPro.

Sound familiar?

A frankestein is built without realizing it because you keep adding plugins as you have new needs, but there comes a point when the beast becomes unmanageable and you must consider how to keep growing because the frankestein disassembles every three times and generates large doses of frustration and stress.

If every time you hear “plugin” you die of laziness, an integrated platform will freak you out.

Kajabi Pros

The best thing about Kajabi:

I could say a lot of good things, but I’m going to be fair and say 3 good and 3 less good. I start with the three elements that make Kajabi stand out from the “frankestein” model.

1. Profitability per subscriber without excels

As each customer/subscriber is unique in the whole system, in his/her file you can see: where he/she has come from and how much he/she has bought from you. So you can trace which leadmagnet has generated the most sales.

In each subscriber’s file you can see what they have bought and the total accumulated revenue of all products over time (see image below).

How long does it take you to do this calculation with your frankestein?

2. Excellent mobile accessibility

The frankestein is not manageable from your mobile. That’s the reality. Not being able to work from your cell phone limits your ability to take advantage of dead hours such as trains or subways. It also forces you to carry your laptop everywhere you go and beg for wifi in bars.

Kajabi allows you to touch up a landing page while having a coffee between clients or to prepare an email campaign at the school door.

3. Automation of your entire business

Imagine you set up a webinar and for whatever reason you have to change the date. Do you know what happens to your email sequences, sales pages, promotions validity dates, etc etc? You change them by hand.

In Kajabi all the elements depend on an “event” date and when you change the date of the event, everything else moves by itself! Two more examples: you can send an automatic campaign or offer based on the results of your students’ exams or schedule an email with the new passwords on the day the course starts. All this without you having to intervene.

Kajabi Cons

Like all systems, Kajabi is not for everyone. Here are 3 cases in which I think it is not suitable for everyone.

1.Email marketing without complications

If you come from Active Campaign with 6 super complex sequences, with elements of splitting your automations, don’t use Kajabi’s email marketing that will hurt you.

If “automation splitting” sounds like Mandarin Chinese to you, Kajabi email marketing will work great for you: you can create your newsletters, schedule emails, create sequences of as many emails as you need with good deliverability.

Analytics is also easy but not detailed. If you work in too much detail on read and open rates, you will despair with its simplicity.

2. Design without pixel customization

If you are a designer or you like to have the perfect website pixel by pixel, Kajabi is not for you. Kajabi is designed for those of us who don’t know how to design and love tried and tested, beautiful templates. If you are in this group, Kajabi is wonderful: you set up a sales page in less than 1 hour (literally). However, if you want to move an element 3 pixels further to the right… you won’t be able to.

The only way to customize screens at this level is to get your hands on the code, but for that you need the $399/month pack and a reliable programmer. Then the cost of the project goes through the roof.

3. The effort of migrating your content

Kajabi is a platform designed to work in standalone mode, so you have to upload all the content “by hand”. If you have a lot of courses it is a time-consuming job.

Likewise, the day you want to leave, you will have to upload all the courses to another platform because you may not be able to migrate them automatically.

Hence the importance of being clear about whether Kajabi is for you or not before embarking on this adventure.

Is Kajabi good for you?

To make it easy for you to decide, here are two lists: if you meet several of these concepts, you will be able to know quickly if Kajabi is the solution to your problems or not.

You will love Kajabi if:

You sell online courses/have an online academy.

  • You get paid online via Stripe or Paypal
  • You spend more than 50% of your time away from your desk
  • You don’t know your way around technology and “plugin” sounds like a “sure-fire complication”.
  • You need to grow without spending more hours on the technical side of your business
  • You are already selling online and you know what works and what doesn’t work.
  • You are scared to see the cost of growing with your frankestein on your back

Kajabi is not for you if:

  • You sell physical product
  • You are a designer or you have a very millimetric online image.
  • You have never sold online before and you want to do a low-cost test run
  • You love to tinker around inside your software and adapt it to your own way
  • You are a crack at email marketing and online sales with flashsales techniques that Kajabi can’t handle

There is no one-size-fits-all system. You have to choose after a good analysis that takes into account the moment of your business, your personality, your knowledge, your budget and your vision for the future.

Kajabi can be wonderful for one person and the worst for the next, because we are all different people with individual businesses. That’s why I don’t “lecture” in anyone’s favor. I won’t say “wear Kajabi yes or yes” because that would be a lie. If you want to know more about my journey from Woocommerce to Kajabi , you can read it in this article.

Don’t believe anyone who tells you “this is the best system”. You must learn to value it according to your circumstances, to make a decision without doubts.

Don’t you buy pants by asking the neighbor, “What size do you wear, and you buy them without trying them on? Well, don’t buy software for your business with the same method, please.


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