Linktree Review

A tool that is becoming more and more relevant among companies is Linktree, it is a platform that allows to gather several links that direct the visitor to different destinations; such as website, LinkedIn, Facebook, blog, among others. The best part? Its free version covers the needs of most companies!

The proposal became popular because of the ease it offers the user to find the different communication channels of a company.

Its main use today is on Instagram, since the social network does not allow the insertion of links in feed publications.

Because there is only one field to link the link in the profile bio, Linktree has become an excellent alternative to direct the user to other pages.

By clicking on Linktree, the visitor is taken to an exclusive area containing several links. This page is customizable and the company decides which are the best destinations to be located there.

Get to know the platform in depth and how to use it to improve the interaction and conversion of your Instagram followers.

What is Linktree

Linktree is a free website that offers a kind of customizable mini page.

Linktree is a very practical tool that helps Instagram users to place in the description of the profile, a URL that sends the audience to where the owner or administrator of the profile wants to be known, it is basically an invitation to a visitor of a profile to consult on average three or more means of dissemination of content; this tool arises thanks to a need that by policies of the same Instagram limit the number of URLs to which you can direct from the profiles of the social network mentioned.

Instagram has a policy that does not allow you to have more than one link in your biography, that means that your followers cannot be redirected to see your other content on other platforms from your Instagram profile. Linktree enters as a tool to a need for a ban or Instagram policy, where you can through a link deploy 3 additional or more, which can take you to a blog, YouTube channel, Webinar, or some other social network in which you want to take your followers to know your content. As digital marketing has arrived and is a reality that can not be ignored, you must use tools that help to promote and disseminate information to be at the forefront of this globalized world where every day information travels at a faster speed. One of the proposals of digital marketing is that products or services should be known through chain links where one leads to another so that your information can reach more and more people and the brand is increasingly visible.

On this page, you can insert several links that redirect the user to the external communication channels of a company, which can be other social networks or websites, for example.

It doesn’t make much sense to use Linktree on Facebook or Twitter, for example, since you can hyperlink the content you want directly to your post.

When you create your Linktree, you get a URL, very friendly by the way, that looks like this:

This address leads to a landing page that you can customize with a theme and colors more similar to those used in the visual communication of your brand.

The links are distributed in a well-organized way in buttons, where you choose the order and the name of each one of them.

To access this service, the first thing to do is to enter the Internet search engine Once on the page you must click on “Login”, where if you have an account, enter the Username and password data, if you do not have an account, look for the link “Don’t have an account”, the account will be created where an email address and the creation of a username and password are required.

Why use Linktree?

With more and more content available on the Internet, it is very easy to lose the user in the middle of the way. Even if you have created a strategy to advertise your business on Instagram, the limit of one link per profile is a real obstacle.

It prevents you from taking the follower to the next steps in the sales funnel. Before Linktree, there were only two ways to do this:

Paying to boost your posts: this way, it is possible to insert an external link with a call to action such as: ‘Learn more’ or ‘Sign up’.
Calling the potential customer directly and sending the purchase link: a very manual and laborious option that can take hours or even days to close a sale.
With Linktree, that has changed. With it, it is possible to make available not just one, but several external destinations that can lead to conversion.

Create your website

Another great advantage of the link platform is that it allows you to collect important contact information from one place.

In this way, the user’s path is shortened to the ultimate goal of your strategy; either increasing organic traffic to your website or directly closing sales.

The clean design and buttons take them directly to the destination they want, without ads or the need to click on many other pages.

So the user won’t even notice that they have migrated to an intermediate platform. The impression is that it goes directly from your Instagram to a secondary page – very useful, isn’t it? Linktree has become very popular, as it has proven its effectiveness in the mission to introduce those who are already Instagram followers of some brand, to other communication channels.

How much does Linktree cost?

The good news is that the service is free, but there is also a paid version, which shows a more detailed analysis of the number of clicks received on each link.

It can be an interesting tool to evaluate the metrics of your business page. This upgrade with more detailed data costs about U$ 6 per month.

Also in the premium version it is possible to remove the Linktree watermark and insert your own company colors and logo.

How to create a Linktree profile

Creating a Linktree profile is easy and free. This means that even without any budget, you can have the tool active to improve your business performance on Instagram.

Simply go to and create your account. You can click on “Get Started for Free!”, then you will see the registration form:

Create Linktree account

Indicate the email address of the person who will be responsible for the management of the platform.
Indicate the user name that will be displayed on your profile, preferably your brand’s name
Select the Free plan to use the free service or the Pro plan for the paid version
Your user panel will open automatically and you can start customizing your new profile!
The website has very versatile ready-to-use templates in neutral colors. Using the free version it is already possible to find a theme that fits with the visual communication of your brand.

However, if you prefer to pay for the premium version, you can access other templates and add your company logo.

After customizing the look of the Linktree page, it’s time to insert the links.
Links on Linktree

Below, you will see tips on how to choose the most assertive external pages for your profile.

Here, you basically copy and paste external URLs, such as your website, another social network, a product page. You can choose the order in which it will appear by simply clicking and dragging the squares on the left side until you place them in the desired order, it’s very convenient Plus, all the changes made will be displayed in real time, which makes the experience very smooth!

How to use Linktree on Instagram
With Linktree, you can insert as many links as you want, but we recommend that you don’t overdo it, as you might end up confusing the visitor.

The best practice is to place the main communication channels of the company and the most recent content, at most.

Once you have created your account on the website, you only need to copy the link, preferably in your Instagram biography, so that people can recognize the address from the first moment they interact with your profile.

What is the secret to see results?

Every new promotion you activate must be disclosed in your stories and feed of the social network!
Keep, of course, the same link that leads to the promotion updated in your Linktree.
This way, you will provide an easy transition for people who are visiting your Instagram, to the website or checkout page where they will perform the action you want them to perform (visits, purchases, impressions).
Linktree’s main practices
What is the famous Link in Instagram Bio?


“Link in Bio” is nothing more than a Call to Action or call to action in which brands announce to their followers an update on their Linktree account links.

What is the objective? As we have seen, the ease of transitioning from platform A (Instragram) to platform B (any destination where you want to take your follower) is really effective, which is why it has become so popular to use this trigger to take action. After all, how many times a day do we come across that phrase while browsing Instagram? A lot, no doubt!

How to add WhatsApp to your Linktree profile?
This is a link that can’t be missing in your Linktree, as it is the direct communication channel with your potential customer.

If he saw a promotion in your feed and wants to contact you directly by WhatsApp, it is on your Linktree where he will look for this information. In fact, you can highlight yourself in posts, calling followers to ask questions through the messaging app.

As mentioned above, you basically copy and paste the link from your WhatsApp, inside your Linktree profile and it will – in real time – insert it inside a box that you can reposition by simply clicking on it and dragging it to the position you want.

Other suggestions to add in your brand profile
Company website
Essential for users to get in touch with the brand and get more information about products and content, such as a blog.

Although people spend more time browsing Instagram these days, Facebook is still the social network with the most registered users in the world.

There are still many people using Facebook, and even if you only repost your Instagram content there, it’s important to maintain a professional page and insert the link on your Linktree.

Depending on the type of content you have on Instagram, LinkedIn will be the network that will give you the most professionalism and networking opportunities with other companies for partnerships or even invitations to new jobs.

The business world uses this social network a lot and providing access can help you with new business opportunities.

If Instagram is your main work tool, chances are you have a Pinterest profile to inspire you with post ideas.

Pinterest is a growing social network and most professionals working with creative content have a profile there.

Twitter, YouTube, TikTok or your website’s contact page. What matters here is to be as specific as possible and insert only the links that make the most sense to the user. If your company has a YouTube channel, but publishes new material only once a month, it is more interesting to place links that redirect to platforms with more recent content.

Main Linktree Alternatives

As some product like Linktree becomes popular one day, competitors quickly appear. And here are main Linktree alternatives.


One of the most popular alternatives to Linktree, ContactInBio has even more features than its rival. In addition to creating a landing page, the platform allows you to add a contact form. In other words, it is also a perfect platform for getting leads to your Instagram business.

Other features include the ability to insert text blocks, image carousel and buttons for your social media pages.

Like Campsite, ContactInBio has both free and paid plans. In the free version, the watermark is also present, but a bit more hidden and rarely hinders your design.

In the paid version – the platform has two paid plans! -, the watermark is removed. In addition, you can upload your own images and videos to customize the page.

Link in Profile

This application serves as a landing page tool. The difference with conventional capture pages is that this link can take you to different pages of your business, whether it’s to your blog content or a sales page, without restrictions.

The main benefit of this is that you get a way to analyze which hits came through your Instagram links. Link in Profile is simple and easy to use, plus it works with e-commerce apps like Amazon, WordPress and Shopify.

The platform has a monthly subscription that costs $9.99, but offers a free trial period. Visit the website.


In addition to Instagram, Campsite allows you to create links to other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Unlike Link in Profile, it has a free and a paid plan, which gives you more options to choose from.

Among the features, we highlight the ability to customize your link page, including your brand logo and setting the best background color to highlight your links. Both features are available in the free plan of the platform.

In the premium plan, the platform’s watermark is removed from your landing page, you also switch to using the link with your own domain – instead of, for example – and you can integrate it with email marketing platforms such as MailChimp. The premium plan costs $7 per month.

This is one of the alternatives to Linktree with which you will hardly notice any difference. Its main advantage is that it is totally free.

On the other hand, it doesn’t have many editing options and can be considered a very basic platform. If you don’t like Linktree for some reason, but don’t need any extra functionality, then try by accessing the link.


Another simple solution, but not as basic as Linkkle also doesn’t have as many features as other Linktree alternatives mentioned here.

However, one of those features is quite important: it gives you a report on the clicks that have been made on the configured links. Even though it’s free, the app doesn’t insert its watermark on the pages.

Still, you will have to deal with some ads that will appear on Linkkle’s screen. To avoid them, you can make a one-time payment of $5.


Here’s another option to take advantage of the link you have on Instagram. This platform is more oriented to the world of selling on Instagram.

It has very good prices in the Pro version and has a good free version. We encourage you to try it.

There are many more alternatives to Linktree but I have brought you some but there are many more. I have been testing contactinbio and and the truth is I am very happy. Do you know any more? I invite you to post them in the comments.


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