Samcart Review

If you have a product or service you want to offer online, you might need a decent platform to help you with this task. Thus, let’s review Samcart which is one of the favorite tools of small business owners who need a platform to sell online.

What is Samcart

Samcart is a shopping cart service that offers main features for selling a product or service online. With Samcart, you can sell an online course or coaching service, membership area, ebook, etc. This platform makes your conversion elements like buttons leading to the shopping cart very attractive for users and thus improves your conversion rate and number of purchases.

Samcart Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Number of predesign templates
  • Ability to make immediate offers if the customer just checks a box
  • Total integration with your autoresponder
  • A good dashboard and good reports

Samcart has multiple benefits to highlight and here we will discuss them in details.

Easy to use platform

Creating a new product is a matter of two clicks. Its ease of use is total. You don’t need to be a web programmer. So the learning curve is very flat and therefore the time savings when you start using it is evident.
It serves to sell both services and products, and these can be digital or physical.

Pre-designed templates

You have a number of pre-designed templates so that you only change the photos and texts. These are templates whose effectiveness has already been proven. This allows you to play it safe, increasing your chances of sales while allowing you to have a sales page in a few minutes.
Here are examples of the different predesigned templates that you have at your disposal in Samcart to use if you want to.

You also have the option to start from scratch by creating your own sales page. Samcart is the visual part for the customer/buyer, but payments are integrated with Paypal or Stripe. Doing this is really easy.

Making immediate offers

One of the things that you will like is the possibility to make immediate offers if the customer just checks a box. This increases the average purchase ticket considerably.

Integration with other services

Samcart allows integrattion with the main online selling tools:

  • Membership sites (Wishlist, OptimizePress, Digital Access Pass).
  • Email marketing and automation tools such as InfusionSoft, Ontraport, HubSpot, Active Campaign, ConvertKit, etc.
  • Zapier which basically connects you to any online tool.
  • Paypal and Stripe (tools to receive payments).

A good dashboard and good reports

Reports are a torment for my team. With Samcart you have the option to create in seconds a report by date or by product. This way you can quickly see your revenue or product returns. You also have a dashboard that summarizes the latest sales and revenue.

Other good features of Samcart:

A complete control panel that allows you to control sales and returns by product, by customer.

  • Possibility to create your own discount coupons and give the possibility to the customer to enter a discount code if he has one.
  • Create upsell offers and sales funnels.
  • Allows your customers to be able to buy your product in installments which helps you make more sales.

Samcart Cons

  • Price
  • One currency support
  • No two-factor authentication


Samcart also has things that are less good and one of them is the price which makes it not very accessible for people who are starting out in online sales. Its cheapest option costs $49 a month while more expensive is $99/month.

One currency support

Another drawback is that you cannot change the currency after your default currency is set upon signup.

Samcart Templates

One of Samcart’s main advantages is that they spend a lot of time experimenting and testing new templates for payment pages. When they have validated them, they include them in the library and we can use them. As if that wasn’t enough, we can add our own touch to each template by customizing several things. From the colors of the header and footer to the content of testimonials or product descriptions.

Interesting elements for your checkout page

In a general sense I would like to mention the elements that you could include in a checkout page:

  • Image of the product or service (visuals always help).
  • Description of what you are selling
  • The minimum fields for the purchase (name, last name and email).
  • Payment options:
  • Payment in installments
  • Different pricing options
  • Logos of accepted credit cards
  • Warranty / Return policy
  • Secure payment logos
  • Logo and commercial name of the person making the sale.
  • All these elements can be customized with Samcart.

Samcart Affiliate Management

Samcart offers you the option of a form where, among other data, your affiliates will be able to enter their Paypal account so you can settle the income corresponding to their sales. Then you decide whether to approve the request so that they automatically get their access to your affiliate area.

You can configure several things for your affiliates:

  • The expiration of the cookie
  • The percentage or fixed payout of each product in your catalog
  • The links you want your affiliates to promote. You paste your product link and automatically each affiliate will be generated a personalized link that will register if a sale came from them.
  • The emails that you want your affiliates to promote

Samcart is probably the easiest and most effective way to manage affiliates.

Samcart Pricing

Samcart’s cheapest option is $49 per month. Its second option is $99/month and the most expensive one is available for $199 per month.

There are also advanced Samcart options that you will only have if you purchase the medium and high package such as the option to have an affiliate system (only available with the $199/month version).

Samcart also has a free trial. You can try Samcart it for free during 14 days. They also have free online classes to help you got started.

When to use Samcart and when not

Here are cases where it does not convert so much the use of this platform.

You should use this platform in the following cases:

  • Selling products and services over $10.
  • To manage your affiliates
  • To integrate your sales with your automation tool (InfusionSoft, Active Campaign, Ontraport, etc.)
  • Your membership sites (the payment pages of these platforms are horrendous). Samcart integrates with Wishlist, OptimizePress and others.
  • Sales campaigns
  • Cold sales through Facebook Ads. With the sales letter template, you save the information landing page and you have info + sale on a single page.

You shouldn’t use this tool:

  • Products under $10
  • Digital products that have many attachments (they have limitations with the upload of files)

Tips and recommendations to your digital products online with Samcart

  • If invoicing is a headache for you remember that you can use Quaderno. With this application you can automatically generate invoices for customers who buy through Paypal or Stripe.
  • No matter which tool you use, I will always recommend you to use attractive buttons with good copy. Don’t just “Buy it!”.
  • Do A/B tests to see which tool and design converts you more.
  • Always have a backup to receive payments. The one that never fails me is Paypal, plus it allows me to create buttons and payment links in different currencies.
  • Test before launching your product or service for sale.

Alternatives to Samcart

The truth is that as in all sectors, you have a multitude of alternatives. Some of them are:

  1. Sendowl: this tool costs about half a month. I have used it and I assure you I have lost money because their sales pages do not convince the visitor. I know this thanks to statistics. It can’t be that 100 people visit a sendowl sales page and nobody buys. However with Samcart selling the same product with the same texts it does sell.
  2. Paypal: you always have the alternative of creating a payment link through paypal and send it to a customer or insert it in a website. It fulfills its function but visually it is not even close to Samcart.
  3. Selz: a very good platform that allows you for only $29/month to have a very complete payment system to sell all kinds of products (physical or digital) as well as services.


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