Toonly vs Doodly

If you are here, it is very likely that you already know that an animated video can enhance your digital marketing strategy, but perhaps you have not yet found the best video creation tool. This article is going to review Doodly vs. Toonly, which are two video creation tools that allow you to easily edit by dropping and dragging elements.

We know what it is to be evaluating options yourself like Doodly or Toonly by tons reading reviews and watching plenty of tutorials. Thus, we have decided to make this all-in-one comparison of Doodly vs. Toonly here, so read on.

Doodly Review

Doodly is an innovative online software that allows obtaining personalized animated videos at low cost in an easy and fast way. It can be used to boost the marketing efforts of your online business.

What is Doodly

The main function of Doodly is to generate professional animated videos. The result is similar to those offered by professional animators at low cost, but with a quality that will give the necessary appearance of professionalism to meet the objectives for which each video was created.

Two hundred human characters to choose from, integration of a large number of hand-drawn objects, music released from copyright and insert your own images and adapt them to the drawing format. These are some of the functions that Doodly offers, which is emerging as an important solution for businesses that want to reinforce their dissemination plan using animated videos as a tool.

It is worth highlighting the possibility of generating an interactive digital video board thanks to the four different backgrounds it offers, specially designed to simulate the surface of different types of waxing: white board, black board, green board and the innovative glass surface.

The elements with which a Doodly video can be configured, be it inanimate human figures or animated arms that can be drawn, are especially geared towards simplicity.

There is also a built-in feature in the Doodly software that allows you to add voiceovers easily and interactively. You can be reviewing your animation as you read and record directly, in order to have a clear notion of how moving images interact with the voice.

It is possible to export your video easily, since Doodly allows you to do it in four different qualities including HD, depending on your need. This will allow you to better adapt to the different platforms through which you want to spread it.

What differentiates Doodly from other animated video editor software

Doodly’s low cost is its main advantage. Right now it’s possible to get lifetime access to the app for just $ 67 from Socialancer.

Doodly comes out well when compared with other similar software, and this is in our opinion due to:

1.Usability: Doodly grows in this section and users recognize it, because it allows any user with basic computer management skills to be able to reflect their ideas on video.

2.Cost: the unbeatable price of Doodly with Socialancer is undoubtedly another of its great weapons. For just over 60 USD you can have a very professional tool available to your business.

3. Goal-oriented: it is possible to easily notice that Doodly’s default designs are based on the most typical animations about businesses that float on the web. This is why it will not be difficult for you to find the elements you are looking for to communicate about your products or services clearly and directly.

Doodly Pros

  • Equipment requirements to function are minimal
  • Easy usability, configuration and administration
  • Comes with thousands of images and movements
  • You can upload your own images (also in color)
  • Adapted to the generation of videos for marketing and increased conversions
  • Smooth user interface
  • Low cost
  • Includes royalty-free music tracks
  • A single payment with Socialancer
  • Unlimited access
  • It is installed on your computer while the license is updated in the cloud
  • Includes voice recorder
  • Voice and audio tracks
  • Constant updates

Doodly Cons

  • No trial version
  • Generic character designs
  • The images included are only in black and white in the Standard and Enterprise Version (although there is now an extension to add color to the drawings)

Toonly Review

Toonly creates animated explainer videos in minutes and like a pro, even if you’ve never created a video before. It’s easy and has a wide variety of features and characters that will make you quickly connect with your potential audience to publicize your brand (now for a single payment for life!).

What is Toonly?

Toonly is an application to easily create explanatory videos. With just a click and drag you can generate the educational videos you need in a few minutes. The purpose of this multimedia software is to entertain and inform as many users as possible with fun and easy-to-digest visual content.

It has a library of custom templates and digital images ready to be animated. Includes 10 types of characters with 20 poses each, 20 different backgrounds, 20 audio tracks, accessories, objects, animals and much more. Similarly, it allows you to upload your own images.

You can add the voiceover directly within the program without needing an additional application or export it as a file from your computer. It has other customization features such as: animation speed, adding effects and texts, changing the color pattern, among many other features. Export videos in .mp4 formats from low quality (360p) to very high resolution (4K).

You have two subscription plans: Standard and Enterprise (this is an extension, right after you buy the Standard). What differentiates each version is the amount of content for animations available and that the Enterprise version includes access to new images on a monthly basis. The updates are for life and without the need for additional costs.

Toonly Pricing

Toonly Standard Version – $ 67 One Time Payment

Within this plan, you can:

  • Create professional videos even if you don’t have technical design or IT skills
  • In minutes, you can create explainer videos That Educate, Engage, and Work Great
  • Learn to use it very quickly with its intuitive interface
  • Access Toonly’s massive library containing many characters, items, and backgrounds
  • Use Toonly to create amazing and professional videos for any area, industry or profession
  • Record your own custom voice audio directly within Toonly and easily sync it
  • 20 royalty-free audio music tracks
  • Install Toonly on multiple computers
  • Get free software updates
  • Export explanatory videos in various resolutions (480p, 720p and even custom) unlimitedly in different mp4 file sizes
  • You can use it for: landing pages, Facebook advertising, social networks, sales videos, crowdfunding, product pages, email marketing
  • Access to Toonly’s private group on Facebook

Toonly Enterprise version – 97 $ One Time Payment

  • Collect 30 characters, 1000 accessories, 50 backgrounds, 20 scenes, and 100 transition scenes
  • Get 13 character animations, 75 more facial expressions, 40 additional backgrounds, 80 transitions and 5x audio tracks
  • Get 5x more flexibility with thousands of additional benefits to use on your videos
  • Get full access to commercial rights for any video you create
  • see more

Advantages of Toonly over other animation video software

Simple and easy to use: Its interface is simple and friendly with the end user. Aesthetically it is well cared for. With just a few clicks you will create the video you want.

Work offline: Unlike other applications, Toonly downloads animations directly to your computer, so it works properly in offline mode.

Installation on multiple computers: There are applications that can only be installed on a limited number of computers. This does not happen with Toonly. With just having an active user you can use it on all the computers you want.

Updates at no additional cost only from Socialancer: with each update you will have new features and animations at your disposal without having to checkout again.

If we combine these advantages with all the learning, entertainment and content benefits that Toonly brings, we can conclude that this application is sensational.

Toonly Pros

  • It is easy and simple to use
  • It has a large amount of content and animations
  • Updates add additional content at no extra charge (only if you buy it from here)
  • You can install it on all the computers you want
  • Download your videos in .mp4
  • Has excellent customer service
  • It does not require a connection to the network for its operation
  • They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • The videos are of high quality and have very good resolution
  • Export your content directly to the most used social networks
  • It is downloaded to your computer and updated from the cloud (ideal system)

Toonly Cons

  • To expand the number of characters and objects you must upgrade to the Enterprise Version
  • Although the resulting videos work on all devices, they can only be edited from computers
  • While it is not possible to upload your own image and animate it, it does animate the ins and outs of the images you upload
  • You must save your work from time to time because it does not have an autosave function.

Doodly vs Toonly

Now, let’s compare these tools. Doodly and Toonly are good video maker software alternatives to a professional illustrator at a much cheaper cost.

Throughout this comparison of Doodly vs. Toonly we will tell you the peculiarities of each one so that you can decide which is the best option for you.

Doodly and Toonly: Similarities

The point where both platforms converge is in usability. Both Toonly and Doodly are:

  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable, considering the cost of the market per animated minute.
  • No technical knowledge of animation and editing is required.
  • They both have default image and audio galleries (background scenes, characters, designs, and music tracks).
  • Videos are easy to export and share.
  • Both have to be downloadedon your computer but updated from the cloud. 
  • They work on both Windows and Mac.
  • Videos have a professional appearance. There is no way to tell if they were drawn by software or a human.
  • It is not necessary to have previous knowledge in drawing.
  • They include image libraries but you can also upload your own.

Doodly or Toonly: Differences

Now it’s time to discuss what make them different. While both are video editors that work with libraries of illustrations and audios, here are the peculiarities of each tool.

Doodle provides an explanatory video style that simulates a hand drawing of the entire animation path. During this journey, you can add voice or music. 

A video made with Doodly is how very specific idias explained in a simple but dynamic way because, as the hand moves, it gives you the feeling that things are happening all the time.

Toonly is associated with cartoons that remind the viewer of characters from their childhood and therefore facilitate their identification with the marketing message that is being transmitted.

In this video maker, the drawing process is not shown. It has backgrounds with animation and characters that directly act in the scenes. Voice and music can also be added.

Versions and Prices Comparison

Although, if you go to the official website, you will see that both Doodly and Toonly have monthly and annual payment versions. But if you access from these links (Doodly and Toonly) you can have them, right now, for a single payment and with access for life.

In both cases, you can initially access the Standard Version and, if you later want more functionalities, you can upgrade to the Enterprise Version.

The Standard Version in both cases costs from here $ 67 (one-time payment) and the Enterprise is a later extension that now has a price of $ 97 (also one-time payment).

That is, if you want the Enterprise you have to first acquire the Standard.

The difference between one and the other is that the upgrade to Enterprise offers between 5 and 6 times more resources than the Standard Version, plus you can use it for customer projects. With the Standard the application works perfectly but, if you want to get much more out of them, expanding to the Enterprise at this price is a very good opportunity right now.

There is no free trial, but Doodly comes with a 14-day Money-Back Guarantee and a Toonly 30-day one. If it is not what you expected, they return your money without problems (and you have us in the chat for what you need).

Doodly Strengths

Scenes, Characters and Designs in Doodly

The good thing about Doodly is that, by incorporating pre-designed scenes, it will make it easier for you to create scenarios for each slide. But the best thing is that you can adjust them to your liking as you need.

That is, if there is a scene on a beach, you do not need to use it as is. If a ball appears, you remove it and exchange it for an element from another scene (for example, a dog). Or add the characters you want.

The technical requirements to function are minimal. Doodly works on Mac and Windows interchangeably. Here are the technical requirements for Doodly.

Hands for drawing scenes and styles

I had told you that in the videos a hand appears drawing the scenes, but this is also customizable. First of all there are several options of arms or you can choose that no hand appears drawing:

The arms appear different depending on the background you choose: white board, black board, green board and glass background.

And they even just added cartoon hands!

In addition, you also have the effect of drawing the animations.

You can add text, so it is not necessary to record voice (although you can also record voice from within the application).

Doodly to color

Although in the Standard and Enterprise Versions the Doodly sketches are in black and white, you can also get a one-time payment extension from within the tool itself that will offer you all the designs, characters and others in color.

The good thing about that is that the number of elements you have is doubled, since you will have them both in color and in black and white.

The resulting pieces (videos up to Full HD and maximum quality) can be embedded in any landing page with the aim of increasing the conversion rate.

Toonly Strength

There is one element of Toonly that we like to highlight: this video creator offers the possibility to export the files in 4K format. Obviously, for this to be functional you have to see it on devices and apps that allow 4K; if you want them for social media, they don’t have to be that big.

It has a button for you to directly publish the videos on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, among others.

Another cool thing about Toonly is that it is very intuitive. It has an archive of background scenes, characters and other accessories. Animations are created literally by dragging and dropping.

You can add text, audio, or even your own drawings, perhaps your company logo or some background.

Although the learning curve is slightly higher than with Doodly, once you see how it works according to the tutorial that we have left you above, you will realize that it is very simple.

Toonly also works interchangeably on Mac and Windows. Here are the technical requirements for Toonly.

If you buy Toonly from this link you can buy it for a single payment and for life that starts at $ 67.

Doodly Weaknesses

Doodly’s weakest point as a video maker, in our opinion, is that it allows storytelling only with the doodle format. Although this is relative because it may happen that a brand wants to homogenize its audiovisual image and, in that sense, it will be very useful to make videos with the same format.

The company does not offer a trial version; although it does have a 14-day money-back guarantee, as we mentioned before.

Toonly Weaknesses

One of the weaknesses of Toonly is that the actions of the characters are not personalized, that is, each character has their own standard movements. It is also true that, if you could customize them, it would take more time to create the customizations, and what both Doodly and Toonly are looking for is simplicity and effectiveness, but you must take that into account.

It also does not have a trial version but it does have a 30-day money-back guarantee, without obligation.

Although the videos work on all devices, they can only be edited on computers.

Doodly or Toonly: which is better for my business?

This is a question that many people ask us: is Doodly or Toonly better for me?

The truth is that, despite being animation creators, each one will be better for you for one thing or another.

For example, if you want to convey an idea easily and with a very clear objective (especially if you include text), then Doodly will suit you better, because in addition to your voice, the user can read the texts that appear.

In this sense, you could use it in video sales letters (Video Sales Letters), in Facebook Ads or on sales pages, and count things like:

  • Explain how my product solves a problem.
  • How to contact my company.
  • Show you what is the advantage of a certain service.
  • But if you want to tell a story, Toonly will be more visual, since you can introduce interaction between the characters, make them move back and forth in the scene and tell a story in the style of “cartoons.”

Tips for Using Toonly and Doodly

Beyond any comparison, for any video creator to work for you, there must be prior planning.

Scripts have their reason for being. They mark the way forward and are the way to ensure that you are going to convey the message you want. Seriously, it shows when there is no script because the ideas get messed up.

In that sense, both Toonly and Doodly earn a point. Once you purchase any of them, you can upgrade to Automatic Script, which is a default template for scripting. You only fill in the name of your company, your product, the benefits, among other peculiarities.

All the rest of the structure is pre-assembled and there are even blocks of text designed for sale.

We give you a tip

There are studies that state that we have 6 seconds to capture the attention of the viewer. When you sit down to design your scripts think that the first image is crucial, do not waste time there.

Conclusion of the Toonly vs. Doodly Comparison

In our opinion, Doodly and Toonly don’t compete, they complement each other. In fact, they were designed by the filmmakers themselves.

Each video creator has its own narrative that works for specific cases. Certainly not every person or company can invest in both software. If you have to choose between one or the other, the answer depends on what you need.

Choose Doodly if you want videos with a very specific image and to easily convey complex explanations.

Choose Toonly if you need to explain some aspects of your brand in more detail.

Don’t ride the crest of the video wave just because everyone says it’s the best and most converting; If you do it like this, it is likely that you will not have the result you expect.


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